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My letter from Agnetha

Here are a couple of scans of the original Swedish newspaper ads from when the albums "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" (1983) and "Eyes Of A Woman" (1985) were released.
Here's what the ad says:
The solo LP contains "The Heat Is On" and 11 other songs written by among others Russ Ballard, David Clark Allen, Agnetha Fältskog, Mike Chapman and Tomas Ledin. Produced by Mike Chapman and engineered by Michael B. Tretow.
And this is what this ad says:
You can't have 400 songs on an LP. But that's how many Agnetha Fältskog listened to, before she and the producer Eric Stewart (yes, he's the one from 10 CC) decided which ones should be on the new album Eyes of a Woman! Now it's in your record store. An LP with music by among others Jeff Lynne (yes, he's the one from ELO), Justin Hayward (yes, he's the one from Moody Blues) and many others. And Agnetha's voice of course! 11 tracks. Listen! From Polar.