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Aftonbladet, October 18, 1983

This article was written after Agnetha had made an appearance on a Swedish entertainment program called "Måndagsbörsen". Agnetha was interviewed live on TV and then they showed her video for "Can't Shake Loose". This appearance took place only two weeks after the bus accident that Agnetha was in and in hindsight Agnetha said she should have cancelled the interview since she wasn't fully recovered. Anyway, after the show was over, Agnetha held an improvised press conference where she talked to journalists. The publications mentioned in the article, Svensk Damtidning and Hänt i veckan, are both Swedish tabloids.
-Damn it...

Agnetha Fältskog on the war-path - sues Svensk Damtidning

STOCKHOLM. Now Agnetha Fältskog, 33, declares war against the tabloids again. Immediately after the broadcast of Måndagsbörsen last night, she held an improvised press conference. Where all except Hänt i veckan was allowed to attend, and today her lawyer prepares an application for a summons against Svensk Damtidning.

-Their harassment of me is incredibly stressful and it’s a horrible manhunt, says Agnetha.


The TV-viewers could themselves hear and see on Måndagsbörsen, where Jonas Hallberg interviewed Agnetha, how upset and angry she is with the tabloids’ stories about her.


Agnetha has fought the tabloids earlier and had two of them penalized by the press ombudsman.


In the past few weeks Svensk Damtidning has claimed that Agnetha is pregnant and as evidence say that during a promotional trip to London she bought baby clothes.


For her children


The truth is that in the store there were clothes for children up to eleven years old and Agnetha bought clothes for her two children Linda and Christian.


This week Svensk Damtidning has interviewed a doctor who says that a fetus wouldn’t be injured in an (bus) accident like the one that happened to Agnetha in Örkelljunga two weeks ago.


-I’m not pregnant and I haven’t been except for the two times I’ve given birth, Agnetha repeats several times.


Today her record company Polar is contacting the lawyer Per Runeland who will sue Svensk Damtidning for slander.


-Unfortunately processes like this one take a lot of time and I don’t have any time. That’s why a lawyer will represent me.

-It’s sad and trying to constantly be subjected to slander and lies. And somewhere you have to draw the line. There’s a lot of talk about integrity, but apparently it doesn’t apply to us so-called public persons. I willingly agree to interviews and talk about my work, but I want to keep my private life to myself.


On her promotional trips around the world, Agnetha has been met by positive reactions to her music and her solo-LP “Wrap Your Arms Around Me”. This week her single is number 33 on the US chart.


-Then it feels sad to come home to Sweden to read news bills claiming I’m pregnant.


Doesn’t feel alert


But she has no plans to leave Sweden.


-Not unless I’m forced to for certain reasons, there are tabloids everywhere. But I’m not going to let these lies bring me down, instead I focus on all the positive press which support me and that is why I had the strength to appear on Måndagsbörsen.


She still hasn’t recovered completely after the bus accident two weeks ago when she was thrown out of a side window of the tour bus she used during her latest promotional tour.


-I can feel the strain in my neck, I have a bit of a headache and I don’t feel alert. I also still feel a bit shocked.

-We felt like we were almost home when the tragic accident happened. I was lying down in the back resting and we would soon stop to eat. When the accident happened I instinctively thought that this will not break me and I rolled up like a ball and protected my face and head. I lost consciousness for a few seconds before I ended up in a ditch.

-But I can play it all down by saying that I gladly ride in a car again, even though I prefer to drive myself. I don’t know yet how I will travel during the next promotional tour or when it’ll happen.


Agnetha is going to relax the rest of the year but next year she’ll start recording her new record.


By Magnus Janson