The Agnetha Fältskog Archives
Damernas Värld, June 1971
This is my translation of an article that I received thanks to Frank Axelsson and Jeffrey de Hart.


Agnetha Fältskog:


"In two weeks we get married"


-Love to me is Björn, says Agnetha Fältskog, 21. Björn is Björn Ulvaeus. This summer they’re touring in the folk parks together with their own show about happy romance. Their own love blossoms on July 6 when they get married in Verums kyrka (church) in Skåne (region of Sweden).


Today Björn and I have been engaged for one year. He means so much to me, because I love him. I feel safe with him, he’s caring, he spoils me, he brings me flowers after I have finished cleaning!


I’m in love with him now just as much as when we started seeing each other. I’m so glad that we don’t have to part anymore, that we get to go to bed together in the evening, that I get to sleep on his arm every night. And I get happy when I wake up in the morning and see him lying there in bed next to me.


I have never asked why he likes me. It’s just there. I’m difficult to live with, I have periods when I don’t like life. Then he makes me want to live again. I think that many people have a mask. They seem happy, but they’re not happy. I don’t fake it for anyone – Björn is the one who has accepted me. I’m a sourpuss sometimes, and Björn allows me to be one. And I want him to feel my love as well. I tell him that I love him when I make his bed…


I noticed Björn already when I lived at home in Jönköping. I went to a dance at Folkets Park in Huskvarna and Hootenanny Singers were performing and it was Björn that all the girls noticed. All my friends said: look how cute he is, But I said that Johan Karlberg was the cutest even though deep inside I knew that I also liked Björn the most – I just wanted to be different from my friends. I was only thirteen years old.


When I was seventeen I recorded my first record and went on a folk park tour. In Ingared we met up and performed with Hootenanny Singers. They were upset because we arrived late – our bus had broken down – and I was glad they had saved us. Then I asked one of the other guys to ask Björn to send me the record he had just recorded, “Raring”. I received the record later.


But it took another year before sparks flew. We were on the west coast to tape a TV show in memory of Jules Sylvain. It was cold the first evening. Björn and I walked around holding hands. The next day it was still cold and Björn had to continue keeping me warm and we’ve been together ever since. When the program was finished, I moved in with Björn.



His parents have actually told me that Björn saw my first TV program and then he said that this girl will be successful! Both of us have wonderful parents, it means a lot to us.


We enjoy each others company, Björn and I. We have several things in common. Not just writing songs. We enjoy going to the movies, read, go to parties, all different kinds of things. Björn has actually gotten me interested in reading. I didn’t use to like to read, but I do know. You learn a lot from each other and about each other when you live together. I know why he gets upset, he knows when I’m sulking. Sure we quarrel a lot, but only about trivial things. I don’t know why, it just happens. And he’s untidy!


We miss each other so much when we’re apart. That’s why we have decided to work together this summer. It’s terrible when you’re away from each other. When you call each other and it sounds so close but still you’re so far apart. I think it’s rough even if he’s away for just one night and I have to go to bed by myself. I have a hard time falling asleep when I know he’s not that far away, but not with me…


I want to marry Björn and I want to get married wearing a bridal veil and have a large church wedding. And I want to have children with him. That’s what both of us want the most.


I used to think that we should do whatever I wanted – now I feel that I’m not the only one,  Björn is also a part of it. His will also means something, it means as much as my own.