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VeckoRevyn, 1972
This is my translation of an article that I received thanks to Jeffrey de Hart and Frank Axelsson. I don't know exactly when it was published, but I assume in early 1972. One of the captions mentions that Agnetha and Björn has almost been married for one year and they got married in June 1971.


VeckoRevyn visits Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog in their new house


We love staying at home!


Now Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog have moved into the castle of their dreams! Or should we call it cabin of their dreams? Despite the house’s airy and well-planned 144 square meter of living space, Björn and Agnetha think they made a real bargain!


-We paid 18 000 kronor in down payment, and a house is a good investment, isn’t it? Björn says proudly.


He hasn’t studied economics at the university for nothing…


The house has four bedrooms, two living rooms and a dining room. Plenty of space for a growing family, Björn and Agnetha hope. So far they live in sufficiently small “big family” with Björn’s sister Eva, who’s studying at Påhlmans in Stockholm to become a secretary, and their dog Ada. Their closest neighbors are their best friends Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, which the Ulvaeus’s frequently spend time with.


The house is in Vallentuna 40 kilometers outside Stockholm. A recently developed area called Rosengården with lots of small “rabbit cages” stained in brown and cheerful colors. So far it’s quite empty inside! There’s wall-to-wall carpeting everywhere. Agnetha has sown the curtains herself and one of these days Björn and his father will make some bookshelves for the living room.


-Then we’re going to buy a large, round dining table made of pine so that we can invite all of our friends for dinner, and a light colored sofas. We’ll buy that eventually, says Agnetha.


-We have a very practical laundry room with a drying cabinet and in the kitchen there’s room for a dishwasher, but we haven’t been able to afford one yet. Maybe we won’t ever bother with getting one. It’s not that hard to wash by hand. During the week we usually eat on paper plates.


-The main thing is that we won’t have to live in the city. There’s a forest nearby, it’s wonderful to be able to step right into nature! Especially for Ada.


-Now I’m going to learn a bit about gardening, says Agnetha. I’m hopeless, I can’t even take care of potted plants. I received a cutting off of a Flitiga Lisa (potted plant), but it grew up as a long, tall stem with a single flower at the top! Then it died.


-Even the feathers on “påskriset” (Easter decoration of a sprig of (birch) twigs decked with colored feathers) withered, teases Björn and ties a bow out of Agnetha’s long pigtails.



Agnetha has just finished the tour with “Jesus Christ Superstar” and a recording of the performance in which Bruno Wintzell plays Jesus. Now she thinks it’s nice to be able to stay at home for a while to compose. A while ago she was in Frankfurt and recorded two songs, and even though she has released seven singles in Germany, things haven’t started to happen in that market until now.


Even the record company CBS in France (the same label as Anita Lindblom records on) have expressed an interest.


Björn, with his experience as an idol during his time with “Hootenanny Singers”, may get to experience it again when his and Benny Andersson’s “She’s my kind of girl” is climbing the Japanese (!) charts. The second largest market in the world…


Artistically both Björn and Agnetha stand on their own legs, but they spend all their free time together.


-Mostly we sit at home and read and watch TV, they say. We really like staying at home in our new house.


By Lilian Meiland