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Sen kväll med Luuk, April 9, 2004

This interview was broadcast on Swedish TV, TV4 shortly before the release of Agnetha's single "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind". The host of the show, Kristian Luuk, went out to Ekerö outside Stockholm and asked Agnetha a few questions. But when the show was broadcast, they made it seem as if Kristian was in the TV-studio interviewing Agnetha via satellite. 
To view the interview (all in Swedish from TV4's website), click on the photo of Agnetha and Kristian. Below you'll find my translation.
Kristian Luuk: Hi there, Agnetha.


Agnetha Fältskog: Hi Kristian.


KL: How are you?


AF: I’m fine, thanks. Things are very good.


KL: Where are you?


AF: Well, right now I don’t really know myself where I am. But we’re out on Ekerö and I’m right in the middle of filming. We’re working on a 25-30 minute long program.


KL: By the way, happy belated birthday. It was your birthday last Monday, right?


AF: Thank you very much.


KL: Now there’s a new album. The first one in 17 years. Many of our viewers weren’t even born then. Tell us a bit, has it been fun to record this “My Colouring Book”?


AF: Yes, it’s been a lot of fun to record it. I myself have, well, this is the fourth year that I’ve worked on it. It feels very good that it’s being released now and that we’ve made it and that it turned out as good as it is.


KL: How did you choose these songs that are on the album?


AF: I have listened to hundreds… thousands of songs during a very long time. It hasn’t been that easy to pick the songs. But these songs mean very, very much to me because they are associated with my growing up. And you can say the songs are in my soul, so they mean very much to me – and the artists who have sung them.


KL: We’re going to hear you’re new video, “If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind”. Can you tell us something about what it has meant to you?


AF: We chose it as a single because it feels representative of the whole album. Cilla Black made the original. There’s also another song of hers on the album. And like I said, all the songs mean very much to me. And we chose to release this one as a single.


KL: Thanks for joining us, Agnetha. We know you have to run. We just have to wish you a very Happy Easter before you run.


AF: The same to you and all the viewers. Bye.


KL: Goodbye, Agnetha. Thank you very much.