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Aftonbladet, September 13, 1984

"We're not cats fighting with each other"


Agnetha and Frida speak out about the "fight"


Frida Lyngstad, 38, and Agnetha Fältskog, 34, speak out about the "fight". Only in Aftonbladet.


-Since we're women, people have always tried to view us as rivals, they say.


On a bad phoneline from Majorca, where Frida is for one week’s vacation, she adds:


-Why haven’t anyone speculated if Björn and Benny quarrel and fight with each other? People and especially the media want to view women as cats who fight with each other. As if the world is like the TV-series “Dynasty”. But it isn’t.


It began last week in an interview with Aftonbladet where Frida said:


-Agnetha and I haven’t seen each other for over a year.


“A slap in the face”


A couple of days later, another paper wrote in a big article about the “album-war” between both of the ABBA-singers. The article hinted at major disagreements and quarrels.


-But we have never really been best friends. We have always had different views of things and haven’t had the same friends, says Agnetha from Polar’s studio in Stockholm where she is currently recording a new LP.


-But all claims that we’re enemies feels like a slap in the face, and it’s not true.


-Yes, even if we rarely see each other anymore, we still talk on the phone sometimes, says Frida.


-When you’ve seen as much of each other as we did when we worked together in ABBA it’s probably natural if you take a break from each other.


A while back Agnetha was described as the decent one and Frida as the sinful one in ABBA. How did you react to that?


-It was the newspapers/magazines who came up with that. We just laughed at it. Of course there was some competition between us. But not on a personal level. On stage both of us wanted to show, here I am! Look at me! But only on stage, Frida says.


Didn’t you get upset when all the papers always wrote that Agnetha had the sexiest bottom in the world?


-I got very upset. I wanted to have a bottom that was at least as sexy as Agnetha’s, Frida laughs from Majorca where she is getting ready for the promotional work with the new LP.


Agnetha Fältskog will release her next LP in the beginning of next year. The producer is Eric Stewart from the old pop group 10CC. Nine of the background materials are finished and among those are two songs by Agnetha herself, one by Justin Hayward (Moody Blues) and another song from the successful group Asia.


-I began my international recording career later because I was in a movie, Agnetha says. And now it looks as if there might be a sequel to “Raskenstam”. Gunnar Hellström has written a new manuscript.


Frida is thinking about touring again. Are you too?


-I’ve probably done my share when it comes to touring. I’m needed at home with my children. They are what’s most important to me now.


“Be happy with us”


-Otherwise I think it’s sad that Swedish papers can’t be happy that we have two Swedish singers who compete with world artists such as Pat Benatar but instead have to look for things that are wrong and disagreements, says Agnetha.


By Lasse Anrell