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Aftonbladet, July 10, 1987

Agnetha breaks the silence


Now she and her son release a children's album


In 1985 Agnetha Fältskog, 37, decided to take a long break from her life as an artist. Now she breaks her silence – in about a month a new children’s album that she has recorded with her son Christian, 9, will be released.


-It’s been a fun and exciting project for a single stay-at-home mom like me, says a relaxed Agnetha when Aftonbladet meets her at her house on Ekerö.


Even though it’s been several years since ABBA released their latest album, she hasn’t lost the attention from the fans. And the entrance to her property on Ekerö outside Stockholm there are four German teenagers, waiting to catch a glimpse of their idol.


-It’s the same every summer and it’s very straining to feel like I’m being watched, says Agnetha.


She is dressed casually and half a dozen yard workers are working on the plot of land closest to the house.


-The house is actually too big for me, but the advantage is that it’s situated in a beautiful location and it’s protected from view.


That hasn’t kept a few planes from flying real low above the house’ swimming pool.


-It has happened several times and then I usually run inside the house, says Agnetha.


Doesn’t want to talk about her private life


Her daughter Linda, 14, is in the stable taking care of her horse. She has won several prizes in horse jumping competitions.


Christian isn’t at home, but he has left a few signs behind in form of toys in several rooms.


Agnetha Fältskog hasn’t given a single interview in the past couple of years and she’s not particularly interested in it now either.


-I have laid low since I hate to talk about my private life and I only want to appear in media if I’ve done something that’s worth talking about.


The only break she’s taken during her sabbatical year was to participate with Ola Håkansson in the gala for refugees that was broadcast on TV last year.


-It’s hard being on TV, I’ve never really liked it. You should do what you’re best at, and I’m best at working and singing in a recording studio.


But the children’s album she has made with Christian has made her temporarily agree to a few interviews.


-I won’t participate in any TV-programs or give any more interviews when the album is released this fall. You get tired of your own face if you’re too much in public, which I was when I decided to take a sabbatical.


“Kom följ med i vår karusell” is the title of Agnetha’s and Christan’s album and it contains seventeen children’s songs.


-A few years ago I recorded a Christmas album with my daughter Linda, and to make it fair I also wanted to make one with Christian.


For almost one year Agnetha looked for songs for the album which was recorded this spring.


-There are a few well-known songs. Otherwise it was my ambition to include some different children\s songs. There aren’t many new children’s albums being made these days.


Single “På söndag”


One single – ”På söndag” – will be released in about two weeks.


-I’m very satisfied with the result and I think we’ve managed to make a children’s album with modern arrangements and up to date sound, says Agnetha.


She has also produced the album together with Michael B Tretow and they hired Sweden’s best musicians.


-It was incredibly fun to record an album again and it was different. A child doesn’t always feel like singing and may have other things on his/her mind.


-But the work in the studio went very well, even if Christian must have inherited his mother’s self-critical traits. When we listened to the album the other day he said that if he could have changed the way he sings in some songs, he would.


In the music business there are rumors that Agnetha is preparing another solo album together with Peter Cetera.


-We’ve been in touch, but I don’t want to talk about it now and I don’t know if I have the time or energy to work on a new solo album.


-I’ve decided to spend time with my children and as a single mother you don’t have a lot of free time. The worst thing I know is when people wonder what us stay-at-home moms do with all the free time. I don’t have much free time – but I really enjoy the life I’m living.


By Magnus Janson